josh huck is an entrepreneur, author, journalist, musician and incorrigible rascal. Most recently, he was founder and CEO of the renegade ride-sharing startup Heyride, which was acquired by Sidecar in early 2013.

in previous lives, he was a seasoned creative consultant for clients like Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza, IBM, Cisco and Hewlett Packard. He  built and managed audiences of millions as one of the dudes behind the social networking parody sensation and the various web properties of Gladpost. In 2009 he helped organize their successful legal defense in a trademark dispute with social networking behemoth Facebook. The brouhaha was settled amicably.

his written work spans music, film, travel, tech, politics, adventure and whatever else has tickled his fancies for outlets including The Onion’s AV Club, American Songwriter, go2 Media, Austinist, and The Daily Texan. As an author, he’s represented by International Creative Management.

both a military brat and a preacher’s kid, he is a bona fide handful who adores indulging his wanderlust and shootin’ the shit. A displaced Kiwi, Huck was born in New Zealand, raised all over the damned place and currently resides in the tanned, patchouli-scented bosom of Austin, TX.